REDtone Privacy Statement

The  REDtone  Group,  which  includes  the  holding  company,  subsidiaries,  and  any  associated  company  as   defined  in  the  Companies  Act  1965  from  time  to  time,  places  great  importance  in  keeping  up  with  legal   and   regulatory  changes.  In   view   that   the   Personal  Data  Protection  Act   2010   is   in   force,   we  are   taking   steps  to  ensure  that  we  are  in  compliance  with  the  new  Act.    

The   purpose   of   this   notice   is   to   bring   to   your   attention   the   practices   and   policies   relating   to   the   collection,   processing,   retention   and   disclosure   of   personal   information   relating   to   our   customers.   By   providing  your  personal  information  to  us,  you  are  accepting  and  consenting  to  this  Privacy  Statement   and   the   collection,   use,   access,   transfer,   storage   and   processing   of   your   personal   information   as   described  in  this  Privacy  Statement.  

  1. What  This  Processing  Data  Explains

    Processing   personal   data   is   the   act   of   collecting,   recording,   holding   or   storing   personal   information   and   carrying   out   any   operation   or   set   of   operations   of   the   personal   data/information.  

  2. What  Personal  Information  is  REDtone  Collecting  and  Processing

    In  order  for  REDtone  to  provide  the  Products  and/or  Services  and  also  to  serve  you  better,  we   will  process  your  personal  data  as  listed  below:  

    1. Personal   details   and   information   obtained   by   REDtone   as   part   of   the   subscription   processes  (e.g.  registration,  subscription,  renewal,  change  of  plan  etc.)  in  respect  of  the   Products  and/or  Services.  The  type  of  details  herein  includes  but  are  not  limited  to:  

      • Name  

      • Date  of  birth  

      • Gender  

      • Nationality  and  Race  

      • Address  (private  and/or  business,  current  and/or  previous  address,  installation   address)  

      • Contact  Number  (private  and/or  business,  mobile,  fixed  line,  fax)  

      • Directors’   information   (Name,   Date   of   Birth,   Gender,   Nationality   and   Race,   Address,  Contact  Number,  Email  address)  

      • Email  address  (private  and/or  business)  

      • Credit  Card  number  and/or  bank  account  details  

      • Identification   supporting   documents   (including   NRIC,   passport,   certificate   of   incorporation  etc.)  

      • Any   Personal   Data   derived   from   registration   form,   sales   contract,   any   legal   documentation  including  sales  agreement  or  related  business  documents  

    2. In   addition   to   the   above   personal   information,   REDtone   also   processes   the   following   information  dealing  with:  

      • the  status  of  the  Products  and/or  Services  you  have  acquired  from  REDtone  or   subscribed  to  

      • the   manner   of   usage   these   Products   and/or   Service   (for   example   traffic   data   such   as   numbers   and   addresses   of   calls,   SMS,   MMS,   emails   and   other   communications   made   and   received   by   you   and   the   date,   duration,   time   and   cost  of  such  communications)  

      • your   internet   searching   and   browsing   history,   access   to   content,   uploads   and   downloads  (including  the  amount  of  data  consumed)  

      • your  IP  address  and  your  PC  location  

      • your  billing  and  payment  status  and  records  

      • your  personal  interests  and  preferences  (ascertained  via  the  trend  and/or  types   of  Products  and/or  Services  acquired  and  frequency  of  usage)  

      • the  equipment  you  use  when  accessing  our  Products  and/or  Services  (such  as   your  mobile  handset,  your  computer  system  and  platform)  to  customise  the   service  for  you  

      • clickstream  data  when  you  visit  any  of  our  websites  (for  example  the  pages  you   access  and  the  Services  and/or  Products  you  browsed)  

      • recording  of  calls  placed  by  you  to  our  help  desk  for  our  service  enhancement   and  improvement  

  3. When  and  How  REDtone  Collect  Your  Personal  Information

    REDtone  collects  the  Personal  Information  in  a  number  of  ways,  including:  

    • directly   as   provided   by   you   including   but   not   limited   to   instance   when   such   Personal   Information  is  provided  via  phone  

    • in  application/other  related  forms  or  agreements  

    • register  or  subscribe  through  REDtone’s  agents  and/or  online  channels  

    • register  or  subscribe  for  a  specific  Product  and/or  Services  or  our  publications  

    • participate  in  any  channel  of  the  survey  

    • respond  to  any  REDtone’s  marketing  activities  and/or  materials    

    • visit  any  of  our  offices  

    • visit  or  browse  our  websites  

    We   may   also   obtain   your   personal   information   from   third   parties   we   deal   with   or   are   connected  with  you  (credit  reference  agencies  or  financial  institutions),  and  from  such  other   source  where  you  have  given  your  consent  for  the  disclosure  of  information  relating  to  you,   and/or  where  otherwise  lawfully  permitted.  

  4. How  Would  REDtone  Use  Your  Personal  Information

    We   may   collect   and   use   personal   information   from   you   or   from   the   category   of   third   parties   identified  in  this  Privacy  Statement  for  the  following  purposes:  

    • to  verify  your  identity  

    • to  assess  and  process  your  application(s)/  request(s)  for  our  Products  and/or  Services  

    • to  provide  you  with  the  Products  and/or  Services  you  require  

    • to   administer   and   manage   those   Products   and/or   Services   to   you,   including   charging,   billing,  facilitating  payments  and  collecting  debts  

    • to   investigate   and   resolve   any   service   issues,   billing   queries,   complaints   or   other   enquiries   that   you   submit  to   us   regarding  our  network,  Products  and/or  Services  with   our  customer  relations  teams  

    • to  conduct  appropriate  checks  for  fraud  

    • to  assess  and/or  verify  credit-­‐worthiness  

    • to  improve  and  develop  our  services  e.g.  manage  staff  training  and  quality  assurance  

    • to  gain  an  understanding  of  your  information  and  communication  needs  in  order  for  us   to  provide  you  with  better  services  

    • to  maintain  and  develop  our  business  systems  and  infrastructure,  including  testing  and   upgrading  of  these  systems  

    • to   conduct   research   and   development   and   statistical   analysis   in   connection   with   the   Products  and/or  Services  

    • to  conduct  marketing  activities  

    • to  identify  trend  and  develop  new  Products  and/or  Services  which  reflect  the  interests   of  customers  

    • to  comply  with  legal,  regulatory  and  statutory  requirements  

    •  for  any  other  purposes  that  is  required  or  permitted  by  any  law,  regulations,  guidelines   and/or  relevant  regulatory  authorities  

  5. Disclosure  of  Your  Personal  Information

    We   may   be   required   or   need   to   disclose   your   Personal   Data/Information   when   necessary   including  but  not  limited  to:  

    • law  enforcement  agencies  

    • government  agencies  

    • companies  and/  or  organisations  that  act  as  our  agents,  contractors,  service  providers   and/  or  professional  advisers  

    • companies  and/or  organisations  that  assist  us  in  processing  and/or  otherwise  fulfilling   transactions  and  providing  you  with  Products  and/or  Services  that  you  have  requested   or  subscribed  for  

    • our  business  associates  and  other  parties  for  purposes  that  are  related  to  the  purpose  of   collecting  and  using  your  personal  information  

    • other  parties  in  respect  of  whom  you  have  given  your  express  or  implied  consent  

      subject  at  all  times  to  any  laws  (including  regulations,  guidelines  and/or  obligations)  applicable   to  the  REDtone  Group.  

      • While  our   company   discloses   your   Personal   Information   to   third   parties,   company   will   ensure   that   third   parties   are   bound   to   abide   by   company,   or   equivalent,   personal   practices   and   policies   relating   to   the   collection,   use,   processing   and   retention  of  your  Personal  Information.  

  6. Our  Commitment  To  You

    Our  company  is  committed  to  using  its  best  endeavors  to  maintain  the  high  security  standards   and  procedures  to  safeguard  your  personal  information  from  unauthorized  access.    

  7. Your  Rights  To  Access  And  Correct  Your  Personal  Information

    Any  request  to  access  or  correct  the  personal  data/information  may  be  subject  to  a  fee  and  also   to   requirements   under   the   Personal   Data   Protection   Act   2010,   and   such   request   must   be   provided   in   writing   with   justifiable   reason   or   else   company   reserves   the   right   to   reject   such   request.  

    Please  note  that  request  to  access  or  correct  the  personal  data/information  shall  be  processed   in  21  days.  

  8. Your  Obligations

    The  company  endeavors  to  take  reasonable  step  to  ensure  your  information  is  up  to  date  with   the  details  provided  by  you.  However,  you  are  responsible  for  providing  accurate  and  complete   information  to  us.  

  9. Online  Dealing  With  REDtone  Group

    In  the  event  that  you  access  our  websites  or  online  portals,  please  be  aware  that  your  IP  address   and   information   about   your   visit   will   be   automatically   picked   up   by   REDtone’s   system.   Such   function   is   inherent   and   integral   to   any   telecommunications   related   system.   In   this   regard,   REDtone  has  taken  reasonable  steps  to  put  governance  processes  in  place.  

    A  “cookies”  may  be  attached  when  you  enter  websites  or  online  portals.  Cookies  are  packets  of   information  stored  in  your  computer  which  assist  your  website  navigation  by  customizing  site   information   tailored   to   your   needs.   Cookies   in   themselves   do   not   identify   the   individual   user,   just  the  computer  used.  You  are  not  obliged  to  accept  cookies.  If  you  are  concerned,  you  can  set   your   computer   either   to   accept   all   cookies,   to   notify   you   when   a   cookies   is   used,   or   not   to   receive  cookies  at  any  time.  However,  rejection  of  cookies  may  affect  your  user  experience  and   areas  of  certain  sites  will  not  function  properly.  

    This   Privacy   Statement   applies   solely   to   REDtone   Group   Websites   and   does   not   apply   to   any   third  party  websites  you  may  access  from  our  websites.  As  such,  it  would  be  prudent  for  you  to   check  on  the  privacy  policy  of  such  third  parties  before  disclosing  your  personal  information  to   such  third  parties  and/or  sites.  

  10. Transfer  Of  Your  Personal  Information  Outside  Malaysia

    It  may  be  necessary  for  REDtone  to  transfer  your  personal  information  outside  Malaysia  if  any  of   REDtone’s  service  providers  or  strategic  partners  (“”Overseas  Partners””)  involved  in  providing   part  of  the  Products  and/or  Services  to  you  are  located  in  countries  outside  Malaysia  or  if  you   use  the  Products  and/or  Services  from  a  country  other  than  Malaysia  (for  instance,  international   roaming).  In  this  regard,  you  hereby  consent  to  REDtone  transferring  your  personal  information   outside   Malaysia   in   these   instances.   We   will   take   reasonable   steps   to   ensure   that   any   such   Overseas  Partners  are  contractually  bound  not  to  use  your  personal  information  for  any  reason   other  than  to  provide  the  Products  and/or  Services  they  are  contracted  by  us  to  provide  and  to   adequately  safeguard  your  personal  information.  

  11. Updates  To  Our  Privacy  Statement

    The   company   reserves   the   right   to   revise   and/or   modify   this   Privacy   Statement   and   the   Data   Protection   Obligations   from   time   to   time,   subject   to   its   discretion,   in   order   to   address   future   developments  of  the  company  and/or  changes  in  privacy  laws  of  Malaysia.  In  the  event  of  such   revision   and/or   modification,   REDtone   will   communicate   such   revision   and/or   modification   at   REDtone’s  website.  

  12. Our  Contact  Details

If   you   would   like   to   make   any   enquiries,   request   access,   or   correction   of   the   personal   data/information,  kindly  contact:  

Customer  Care  Centre   REDtone  Group  of  Companies  

Suites  22-­‐30,  5th  Floor,  IOI  Business  Park,  

47100  Puchong,  Selangor  Darul  Ehsan,  Malaysia   Telephone:  +603  8073  2255  

Fax:  +603  8073  2223  


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