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The Ansar mobile brand name is derived from the Arabic word “Ansar”, which literally means “helper”. It denotes a sense of providing assistance, specifically in facilitating mobile service for people. The positive connotation of “help”, “aid” or “assistance” transcends language barriers and will help the brand engage a more diverse audience.

More importantly, the name supports the Ansar mobile brand proposition of “Use less, pay less”, i.e. helping light users (low ARPU users) save money by delivering an affordable, no frills prepaid service. It also encapsulates an inspired company that is serious about simplifying mobile service so that it is easily accessible.

Ansar mobile is simple, easy to read and memorable. It rolls off the tongue effortlessly.

Logo Design Rationale

The clean and contemporary logo captures the brand’s ethos of embracing simplicity. It has been carefully crafted to resonate with its target segments – closed user groups, businesses and organisations.

The “A” in “Ansar” is formed by a stylised upward-pointing arrow, lends a unique and dynamic quality to the overall design. More importantly, it signifies a forward-looking company.

In its entirety, the logo reflects a bold, vibrant and approachable brand image. An integral part of the brand’s visual identity is its striking colour palette. While red conveys strength and commitment, black symbolises professionalism and reliability. A minimalist yet distinctive logo will help Ansar mobile cut through the clutter and stand out in a crowded market.

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